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by: Paul Cooley

Discover how to use Twitter for business that your competitors don’t want you do know.

Don’t let Twitter be a waste of time, use it strategically to crush your competition!

If you are anything like I was when you first heard of Twitter, you probably thought “what a waste of time!”… “Who would want to know what I’m doing?”

Well, after a few days I soon started to see the potential of using Twitter for business. Then I started to experience the power of using Twitter for business. If you were to ask me how to use Twitter for business? My one word answer would be “Strategically”. Far too often we as business owners jump from idea to idea hoping it will work, but never really take the time to think about the strategy behind what we are doing. I have had countless clients already have Twitter and Facebook accounts setup for their business, but they didn’t have a clue on how to use it.

Then I have seen businesses making an effort to use Twitter to grow their business, but were doing a terrible job. That is why my answer to you would be when using Twitter for business if has to be done “strategically”

When using Twitter for business strategically there are 5 tips I would recommend thinking about and implement into your Twitter strategies.

1. Have a professional Profile. Hiring someone to make you a custom Twitter background is well worth it. This will help you stand out from the other profiles people come across. Remember, this all tells people about your brand… Don’t ruin it!

2. Keep It Simple! To keep things simple, easy and productive to you, I highly recommend using one of the many Twitter applications. I personally like the best. Using a Twitter app like this will allow you to manage, research and Tweet much easier and productively. You can get Twitter apps for your phone and computer. I use both.

3. Stand Out From The Crowd. It is especially important when using Twitter for Business that you stand out from all your competition. You do this by “Tweeting” valuable content. Don’t be Tweeting that you are going to the bathroom! Be professional and be real. I have found that by Tweeting cool resources that are relevant to my Niche people really seem to like. I have also found that Tweeting different quotes have been popular as well. A very important thing to remember is, Don’t Spam!!

4. Don’t Do What Everyone Else Is Doing!… Because most of the business owners on Twitter are using it wrong, it’s wise not to copy them. This is how you use Twitter for business… Search, find, follow and engage people you want to connect with. It doesn’t matter if they are potential clients and customers or authorities in your Industry. If you stick to that basic structure, you will do great.

5. Use Twitter for Business Strategically. Before doing anything, I recommend sitting down and really thinking out what your purpose is and what your goals are for using Twitter for business. If you know your end goal, it will make it easier to map out the steps you need to take to get there.

Once I started using Twitter for my businesses strategically, I was blown away by the results. I had been using Twitter to get people to my web sites, but then I decided to try to use Twitter to get people into the coffee shop my wife and I owned. Well, after mapping my strategies out, I was able to get locals and tourist into my local coffee shop instead of Starbucks every week. I was even able to turn them into repeat customers by using Twitter. After testing Twitter out even more, I was able to even decide on what time I wanted to have a rush of customers. When I wanted it, I would Tweet out a special message and they would come!

I hope this article has helped you get a better picture on how to use Twitter for business.

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