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by: Victoria Kelly

Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has dominated much of internet user’s activity with 50% of users logging into their account each day. What started as a social networking site is becoming much more than a way to keep in touch with family and friends. With the recent announcement that Facebook is going to hold a summit for the UK digital industry, it is going to be interesting to see how the company is going to develop and how this will impact UK brands digital strategy.

Facebook is inviting UK agencies to discuss and identify what brands want from its advertising platform. At the moment adverts are placed according to user’s profiles and interests but Facebook is looking to develop this and asking agencies for their input in this matter. Facebook is a social networking site so interacting with potential customers must play a major part in these advertising developments rather than the standard adverts that are being posted at the moment.

Some brands have already begun to alter how they use the social networking site to advertise. Asos and Heineken have both recently announced that they are launching Facebook stores. Consumers will be able to purchase products via the brands Facebook page. Heineken has also revealed that they would like customers to participate in what is being sold on their Facebook store. Facebook refers the largest amount of traffic to Asos and they have identified how important it is to communicate with their customers. Social media gives companies this opportunity more so than their own website and other digital strategies.

Bacardi UK has also recognized the social networks internet domination. A source from the company has suggested that they intend to increase their Facebook spend to 90% of its digital spend. They have observed a drop in visitors to their website and it seems, therefore, moving the majority of their online budget to Facebook is a shrewd move.

These companies have recognized the power of Facebook with its estimated 600 million active users and reinforces that social media should feature highly in online marketing strategies. If this trend continues Facebook users’ will never have to log out of their accounts and the company will be one step closer to internet domination.

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