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In the late nineties, websites were only all about Hyper Text Markup Language and those plain same old static web design pages. Then came the content syndication standards such as RSS and blogs, XML and Atom. This changed the total appearance of the Internet and World Wide Web. Content became much more simple and more easily accessible over and across the Internet. People began sharing their own opinions on the internet, content production and generation came to be a very popular practice and the growth patterns of websites sky-rocketed like nothing seen before.

Then arrived Web 2.0 version, with many applications designed wholly for the website such as Facebook, twitter, Digg, Gmail and such many others too. It is this era of the websites and the website itself has evolved to be an interaction among the Internet users. For instance content is often originated or generated over a twitter website when you tweet and re-tweet or even share one hyperlink. Content is originated again when somebody re-tweets your tweet or sometimes shares it with his/her friends. A commercial or business website today requires to house social web too into it’s web design, OrangeSky Facebook website designs in Phoenix, Arizona do this very appealingly . Because, it’s where the internet is heading towards and if you do not follow this you’ll be left far behind because all of your targeted audiences are interacting through the social web and you will still be sticking to the cave aged period.

A socially ready web design really means that your website must enable your visitors to utilize their social web profiles on your website to record their interactions with the content of your web pages. For instance, you may have noticed now that many popular blogs nowadays provide their visitors a fair chance to comment on their posts by connecting through their Facebook account. This is mutually beneficial for both the visitor and website owner, OrangeSky Facebook website designs boast their expertise in the field of designing Facebook websites. As a visitor writes a comment on their website through their Facebook account, their comment with your link to this webpage gets posted on their profile. This means it’ll become visible to their friends and they could come to the website to share/contribute their own views and thoughts on this matter.

A website design for a social web not only enables the visitors to sign-in through their Facebook accounts, it also gives them ample of opportunities to utilize their social profiles in several different ways of through your site. Enabling visitors to make use of their social web profiles on your business website doesn’t yet make your site socially ready, until your website itself begins using various social web profiles on the site. For instance, a commercial account on facebook fanpage or twitter or both could be added to a sidebar enabling your site’s visitors to follow you through their social network, become your friend and fan and interact online with you and read the content that you publish on your commercial site.

You could also utilize your social web profiles to bring in traffic to your commercial business website and from your commercial business website to your social web profiles. For that you have to get in touch with the leader in the field – OrangeSky website design in Phoenix, Arizona. Using social website not only makes your website much more user friendly in this time and age but it also gives strength to your brand image as a web savvy and modern business.

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