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by: Mia Nuygen

Everyone is hooked on using Twitter. If you have an online presence that you would like to promote, twitter is one of the best sites around to use as it helps to form your brand identity as well as create a huge list of acquaintances. These friends are called your followers. You get to follow many individuals according to your niche chosen which helps get your website out. The chief focus is to build your brand identity with twitter because this will aid your website to become general and well known.

Before you initiate to build your brand identity with twitter, you must primary uncover what you’d like to achieve while using it but first ask yourself these questions. What is the intention why you’d like to use twitter? Do you have a idea or a goal that you’d like to meet and is it going to help raise the page ranking of your website? Think of all the objectives and lay them out on how you wish to propose these objectives. Think of how much time you’d like to consume when using twitter as it can become very addictive while using it. Be sure you know if twitter will profit your business and if you make your mind up to use it to build your brand identity, is it going to be a waste of your time?

Learn about all of the twitter tools that you can use in order to get the most benefit in using it. These are just a few questions you should inquire physically before you embark on to develop your brand identity with twitter. Now, you can begin to craft a username that identifies the firm you are trying to market. The username should be of interest to your twitter followers. You also want twitters who are looking for your niche to easily find you within your profile, you should add keywords that users are looking for in order to follow you.

Second way to build your brand identity with twitter is to of course add your real name in your profile. This will aid in giving your twitters followers a fine feeling on you. You want them to know you are real with the intention on making a true social connection back to you. You’d want them to know you truly exist and you are not some spammer running automatic ads. Add professional and friendly info to the profile linking back to your blog. The link back can link to more information about you such as your “about me” page.

Another way to build your brand identity with twitter is to insert a photograph to your profile that can easily be recognized. Numerous people on twitter who market their websites be likely to include an icon or an avatar that can by far be remembered. This gives you your branding identity and the popularity as you get more followers. If you have a lot of followers who remember your identity photo, the better you will be remembered.

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