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Massive communication made easy!

Our Social Media integration packages make your life easier. Simply post to your main website blog or news page and it will be automatically posted on your business Facebook wall and Twitter page. Don’t run from one website to another trying to keep them in sync. Everything is controlled on your main website. We can also take care of posting to your website and social media on your behalf, send Email blasts with your newsletters and periodical specials. Ask as how!

Carry your brand to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, keep your customers informed with weekly newsletters, keep your blog updated and your visitors engaged… our Social Media Integration package includes the customization of your Twitter and YouTube page with your own branding. Also, any video you post on your YouTube page, will be automatically displayed on your main website and on your Facebook page.

We offer the latest technology to capture more visitors on your Facebook Business page. Our Facebook Website comes equipped with our exclusive “Lock-Until-Liked” system. This means that your customers visit your Facebook page, they have to click on the “Like” button to see your Facebook Website. This way you will be able to communicate more efficiently with them on a regular basis by automatically posting to their Facebook walls transmuting your messages to all your followers!

Our Social Media Management Package includes:

  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube customization
  • Link your blog with your social profiles
  • Keep your followers updated with newsletters
  • Grow your database with our tools
  • Reviews monitoring on Yelp and Google
  • Online website and Facebook’s testimonial review and approval
  • Upload and capture reviews physically left at your business
  • Blog/News posting to website-Facebook page-Twitter
  • Pictures and Video posting if available
  • Newsletter creation and broadcast every Wednesday morning
  • Special of the week design, development and email blast broadcast every Monday morning
  • Update Facebook deal of the week

Reviews on website and Facebook page

We will add a Review page on your website to incorporate your customer’s testimonials into your strategy. You will have a system online on your website and on your Facebook website so the customer can submit their review and grant you stars. Once they have submitted their review, it will be sent to a queue to wait for approval. No review goes online unauthorized. We will also post the reviews you receive via email or printed forms distributed by you to your customers.


We have developed a Refer a Friend program where you can invite your customers to refer you to their friends and in exchange, you will reward your customer with a little gift. This is a great way to increase your customer’s database to send newsletters and specials and increase your customer base.


Promote people’s opinion online and in your location. We will design a Comments card so you don’t have to rely on people going online to leave a review, they can write it right there and we will enter it on your system so it goes online. People trust what other people say about a product or service, let’s promote the people’s voice to endorse your business!

Reviews Monitoring

We know you excel on your products and services quality and always thrive to keep your customers satisfied, however, we all know that every now and then, someone can have a different perception and will feel entitled to share their piece of mind with everybody online. Every week we will keep an eye on Yelp and Google Reviews to make sure we can act on those disgruntled customers you might find down the road. Most of the bad reviews are really opportunities to make good with that customer.

Newsletter subscription

Increase email database Weekly Email Blast with newsletter and promotions. We will include a “Sign up to receive our newsletter” button on your website and Facebook page to encourage people to subscribe and be up to date with latest news and specials going on. Once the visitor has signed up, they will receive an email welcoming them and also to ask them to verify their email address to safely receive our communications. We will design and send a weekly newsletter with latest news of your business, photos, videos and specials to promote your services and products.

Special of the week

Utilize the whole potential of your email database. In addition to the weekly newsletter, on a different day, we will send “The Special of the Week” where customers can print a coupon or buy products and services via PayPal and redeem them at your business.

Facebook Advertising

Set up a budget, lock in a target market and promote your business directly with Facebook advertising. We can create a weekly campaign based on your weekly special to promote your products and services in Facebook.


We will setup Yelp’s account for your business so we can track and respond to reviews, create deals on Yelp to promote your products and services, update your profile with pictures and accurate information, and monitor Yelp’s reviews activity.

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Take your business page to the next level!

Facebook is the second most visited site in the world after google. Many people live in a Facebook environment nowadays, so why not communicate with them in their own environment. We will create a version of your website within Facebook where people can navigate your products and services without having to leave Facebook. We can help you to increase the number of fans on your page, create promotions through Facebook, and much more!

We don’t only create a Facebook Business page, we take Facebook to the next level by creating a website within Facebook. This means that your visitors can read information about your company or services in your Facebook page… and all the information comes from your main website, so you don’t have to update two different pages!

Likes increase

Promote your Facebook Business page and convert each visitor into a “Like” With our lock-until-liked system on your Facebook page. We can direct the visitors to a splash page inviting them to Like your page. Once they have clicked on the like button, they will be redirected to a version of your website inside Facebook. Once they have liked your page, they can unlike it at any time, but chances are they will remain as a fan of your page and will receive our messages every time we post on our website.

Website-Facebook-Twitter Interaction

Some customers will follow you on your website, some others on you Facebook page and some others on Twitter. It is time consuming to go around all social networks and website to upload your latest news and specials. We will link blog/news page to Facebook and Twitter so every time you publish a new article, a special, testimonial, etc. it gets automatically updated on your website Facebook page and Twitter account.

Want your Facebook page to stand out from the crowd? Want your Facebook page and website branding to match? Want to reach new potential website visitors and increase web traffic?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are in need of a custom Facebook fan page designed by OrangeSky Websites. We have been providing beautiful high quality custom Social Networking design solutions for years and are a trusted source for many top companies. We not only understand how important Facebook is but we also understand just how important all social networking is. We treat every Facebook project with the highest level of professionalism from start to finish. Our custom Facebook website design is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with anyone who visits your Facebook fan page.

Our professional graphic designers and programmers on our team, we can build unique, customized Facebook pages for you or your company.

Having a presence on Facebook can help increase your brand awareness or increase your sales. Facebook has millions of users from around the world! Get more Facebook fans to your page with a custom designed tab.

What can having a custom Facebook Website do for my business?

With the fastest growing demographic of Facebook users being 35 years of age and older, Facebook is the perfect place to promote and network your business. Having a professionally designed custom Facebook business fan page is one sure fire way of standing out from your competition and maintaining that professional look and feel of your brand. It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, well established or unknown; there are always new opportunities that can be reached through Facebook and its networking capabilities.

Social media has completely changed the way consumers and businesses alike are using the Internet. Media users not only believe a company should have a presence but that they should also interact with its consumers via social media. Submerge your target audience in your brand and reach out to the more than 250 million potential customers with a custom designed Facebook fan page.

Professional Business Facebook Page Design

Share information and interact with your target audience in a way no other medium can. Call today and get started by scheduling a consultation to learn more about our custom Facebook fan page design and how we can help you utilize the marketing potential of Facebook.

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